So Little Time is a Television sitcom from 2001 to 2002. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played Riley and Chloe Carlson

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  • Eric Lutes who played their father, Jake Carlson, played their father in Switching Goals.
  • Clare Carey, who played their mother, Macy Carlson, co-starred with Dave Coulier on the movie, Shredderman Rules! in 2007. Coulier co-starred with the Olsen twins on Full House.
  • Manuelo Del Valle's catchphrase on the show was: "I Don't Hate It!"
  • The reason for Tedi's disappearance was because her portrayer joined the cast of the short-lived series, She Spies.
  • Before her role as John Ritter's daughter, Kerry on 8 Simple Rules, Amy Davidson played Cammie Morton on the show.